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Your youngest graduates work hard so give them the recognition they deserve by kitting them out like big children in genuine graduation gown. Our kindergarten insignia are designed in such a way that they are perfectly suited to small children and replicate the high-quality gowns for older children and adults.

The pre-school insignia are available in many colors, so you can choose one or more shades for your kindergarten or preschool. Each gown is made from hard-wearing and durable polyester so that you have the opportunity to enjoy them again year after year. You will be able to use your day care center insignia many times and make the most of this important investment.

Hand-made caps and paper hats are undoubtedly cute but are unlikely to last the ceremony. Our kindergarten insignia and gowns are designed in such a way that they will last for several ceremonies and are also easy to clean.

Our collection of kindergarten, nursery school and preschool insignia includes:

  1. Caps and gowns, tassels with a metallic year signet, a printed white sash in the perfect sizes for children
  2. Year Signets for more than one year
  3. Available in many colors to suit the school subject or school district

Our recommendation: Choose one or more colors to present your students on this day and enjoy an unforgettable and elegant ceremony.

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