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The spirit of your high school is reflected in the team colors. Take the opportunity to present your graduates in these team colors on the day they leave hith school. Our high-quality and durable caps and gowns have been designed to create a consistent and elegant eye-catcher on graduation day.

Our high school insignia enable you to honor your best students and graduates in a one-off, incomparable way and underline how special they are in a dignified manner.
Our offering of soft and comfortable high school gowns includes a SHINY, MATTE, “GO GREEN” and ELEGANT material with satin sleeves - also available in rainbow colors. As well as the standard caps and gowns, we also offer various tassels and year signets. The tassels act as an excellent reminder for your graduates of their special graduation day.

It is easy to honor your best graduates and students in a special way. Offer unique gown colors or stoles and everyone’s attention will be directed towards your best students.

To enable you to celebrate the top performers in a special way, our collection of high school insignia also includes honor cords.

Our high school insignia include:

  1. A selection of graduation gowns and caps with tassels in a wide range of colors to match your high school
  2. Durable and comfortable material that shows no sign of wear even after being worn for a long time
  3. Honor cords and associated articles make it easy to present your best high school students in the right way

Our recommendation: Invest initially in the right choice of caps and gowns and later you will only have to spend time looking for the matching tassels.

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