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Our collection of college insignia was designed to create the possibility of being able to accentuate in a special way the achievements of your graduates on this unforgettable day. Start by selecting the colors of your college of university or field of study of your graduates, and then choose one of our high-quality caps and gowns for your awards ceremony. Our flattering styles and durable and comfortable fabrics ensure that your graduates are perfectly presented on this special day.

University insignia are more than just the caps and gowns. Add a tassel with a metallic year signet or a hood or stole to enable your top students to particularly stand out on this day. These accessories ensure that the focus is on the graduates who have achieved the best performance to give them the attention that they deserve.
Our range of college insignia includes everything your graduates need. Starting with the Bachelor’s students through to the specially designed elements for your Master’s students and post-graduates you can kit out every student and teacher easily and versatilely.

Our collection of college insignia includes:

  1. Caps, gowns, tassels and accessories for all graduate levels
  2. Many colors for every degree and honor
  3. Special stoles and cords to recognize your top students

Our recommendation: First select your gowns and caps and then add extra honor and college insignia as required.

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